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First Fleet Ferry to Join Australian Boat Race

on Sat, 10/20/2012 - 01:09



In their green and gold livery the 9 First Fleet ferries are ubiquitous on the inner harbour routes of Sydney. Nine ferries in this class – all single ended catamaran style – were purchased between 1984 and 1986 and have all been named after boats of the First Fleet commanded by Arthur Phillip.

With a passenger capacity of about  400 people, a service speed of 12 knots and a maximum in the high teens the First Fleet Ferries are ideal to follow the Australian Boat Race down the inner harbour on Sunday morning 4th November.

Spectators can book one of around 150 spots on our booked

Booth Returns for 2012 Boat Race

on Thu, 10/11/2012 - 09:31


The Sydney Morning Herald discusses Josh Booth’s return to competitive rowing following the aftermath of his post-Olympic celebrations in London.



Olympians Go Head to Head at Australian Boat Race

on Sat, 10/06/2012 - 23:22



Initial squads for the 2012 Australian Boat Race show that many of the 2012 Australian Olympic Rowing team will face off against each other in the opposing Sydney and Melbourne University eights.

The event is scheduled for Sunday morning 4th November on the inner harbour. The course will run 4.3 kms from Woolwich to Darling Harbour.

Facing off in the men’s eights will be James Marburg, Cam McKenzie McHarg and Josh Booth appearing for Melbourne while team mates Francis Hegerty and Fergus Pragnell will anchor the Sydney boat.

Water Police and the Australian Boat Race - Connecting to Origins

on Wed, 09/26/2012 - 11:35


The 2012 Australian Boat Race will operate in an area of Sydney Harbour that is usually too disturbed by washes for rowing.

The race exclusion zone will be controlled by the NSW Water Police and Roads and Maritime Services.

The involvement of the Water Police with the Australian Boat Race brings this arm of the NSW Police Force into direct connection with its origins as the Rowing Boat Guard.

The real beginning of the NSW Water Police took place on the 7th August, 1789 when Governor Phillip established a civilian "police force" of twelve watchmen, recruited from well behaved convicts,

Sydney Harbour Closure Announced for Australian Boat Race

on Sat, 09/22/2012 - 23:29


The arrangements for Sydney Harbour to facilitate the Australian Boat Race have been announced with a plan approved by Roads and Maritime Services. The plan attached allows a restricted area around the Boat Race Course on the morning of 4th November.

An area between the mouth of the Lane Cove River and Cockatoo Island and extended along the course east to Darling Harbour has been nominated for two forty minute periods as restricted for recreational users.

Boat operators are being asked to wait west of Cockatoo Island and east of Miller’s Point for two periods just prior to and during the

Cameron McKenzie-McHarg and 776BC Partner with Australian Boat Race

on Sat, 09/22/2012 - 23:22



Founded in Melbourne by Olympic and World Championship medallist Cameron McKenzie-McHarg and his wife Kate, 776BC is a sports apparel brand inspired by Olympians for the elite and everyday athlete.

Cameron McKenzie-McHarg is an accomplished athlete and two-time Olympian.   After being recruited by the Western Bulldogs in 1999, Cameron returned to rowing in 2001 with the goal of representing Australia at the Olympic Games.

Australian Boat Race Charts New Course

on Tue, 09/11/2012 - 23:06



The now annual Australian Boat Race is plotting a new course in 2012 with assistance of a number of NSW government agencies.

With the 2012 race to be filmed for later broadcast the quest for a course that would show the event and the city of Sydney in its best setting started early in 2012.

Ideally the event would pass near some iconic views and landmarks of Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Put Pressure on to Take Home Trophy

on Tue, 09/11/2012 - 22:36



The Harry Mahon Trophy is heading over the Tasman, reports Ian Anderson.

Belligerent bladework propelled the University of Sydney to become the new holders of the Harry Mahon Trophy.

The Sydney men's eight fought a pitched battle in the early stages of yesterday's Gallagher Great Race on the Waikato River and then came from behind to upset the University of Waikato crew.

The host eight managed to stay within half a length of Sydney when the two boats crossed to the east bank soon after the start, but

Sydney Eights Gear Up for Gallagher Great Race

on Fri, 06/15/2012 - 04:31


Four returning 2012 Sydney Uni Olympians have travelled along with the rest of their senior eights rowing squads to Hamilton, New Zealand, to prepare for Sunday’s annual Gallagher Great Race and further fan the trans-Tasman rivalry on the mighty Waikato River.

The event is the first hit-out for Sydney University's squad before the Australian Boat Race.

Cox Toby Lister and rowers Nick Purnell, Sarah Cook and Sally Kehoe – all 2012 London Olympic finalists – will compete in the Sydney University men’s and women’s crews respectively, coached by Sydney University Boat Club's (SUBC) Mark Prater